Overland Park Arrests 8 for DUI as Local Activist Warns Drivers

Overland Park along with several other Kansas agencies conducted a DUI checkpoint Friday night near 119th & Lowell. In all 724 vehicles were stopped and asked whether they had been drinking to help them determine whether they had probable cause to conduct further tests. Investigators at the scene put 47 people through additional sobriety testing. 8 people were arrested as a result. That means that only 1% of the people along a busy suburban corridor where deemed to be under the influence.

Michael Mikkelsen protests a DUI checkpoint in Overland Park

Local activist Michael Mikkelsen, known as @MMikkelsen on Twitter, was on the scene holding up a sign warning on coming drivers that there was a checkpoint up ahead. Mikkelsen has participated in several of these checkpoint protests over the last several months to raise awareness of how these stops violate rights guaranteed to citizens under the 4th and 5th amendments of the Constitution.

Mikkelsen also streams live video of his protests to help encourage others to make similar efforts. Also the video helps to document any problems that might occur if cops running the checkpoint decide to give him a hard time. Mikkelsen had a tumultuous encounter at a KCMO run checkpoint last month where one Missouri Highway patrolman claimed that he couldn’t film any of the officers.

Mikkelsen indicated on Twitter that his encounters with OP police are much more relaxed and that they pretty much let him exercise his 1st amendment rights.

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3 Responses to Overland Park Arrests 8 for DUI as Local Activist Warns Drivers

  1. Great work! Keep it up!

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  3. Dan Viets says:

    Good work! I work with the ACLU. I recommend you call them if you need legal help. They should come to your defense. Have you done anything at the “drug checkpoints”, where the cops put up signs saying the road block is ahead, drug dog on duty, and it’s actually at the next exit? Mo cops are doing these.
    I’m not sure about Kansas.

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